Nuventive ActionPoint

Bring relevant data to your stakeholders in the context of their improvement efforts

logo-actionpointNuventive ActionPointTM operates in conjunction with Nuventive PlanningPoint® to tie visual data views directly into your performance management, strategic planning, and academic or administrative outcomes assessment processes using Microsoft® SharePoint®2013 or Office 365.

With relevant, actionable information at their fingertips, your stakeholders are empowered to make data-informed decisions that help them align their activities to your mission and high-level goals and to make course corrections along the way.

ActionPoint Benefits:

  • Make better use of data in performance management, strategic planning, and assessment processes
  • Improve faculty and staff engagement in your culture of performance
  • Save time and money with less need for training

Any data to any plan

Configure ActionPoint to provide views into metrics such as student success, enrollment, or diversity by bringing together data from one or more enterprise systems that help you determine if you are meeting your goals. Any information that can be displayed in SharePoint can be brought into ActionPoint, including business intelligence views or even a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with information that is being monitored by a single unit.

Timely, relevant metrics

Associate visual data with relevant planning and assessment activities. Craft strategies with a side-by-side view of supporting data. Archive a snapshot of that data along with the associated actions so you can understand how decisions were made.

Metrics tied to institutional plans

Everyone’s input on metrics is rolled up to one or more plans to which those metrics are related.

Role-based views

Data and processes are targeted to the specific planning or assessment unit/role of the user.

Intuitive interface

ActionPoint utilizes familiar Microsoft features such as tabbed spreadsheets.

Deployment in your data center or as software-as-a-service

ActionPoint runs in Microsoft SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online, part of Office 365.