Nuventive iWebfolio

Help all of your students demonstrate lifelong learning and achievement

logo-iwebfolioiWebfolio is a configurable electronic portfolio solution that enables rich reflection and feedback for learners, while facilitating the collection of evidence for program improvement. With a highly flexible design that can be configured to support a wide range of purposes, iWebfolio enables adoption across diverse departments with large numbers of users. iWebfolio can help institutions capture evidence of achievement while providing learners with a feedback loop for self-improvement.

iWebfolio Benefits:

  • Demonstrate competencies and achievement
  • Collect evidence to support program improvement
  • Create consistency in reviews

Reusable definitions of student competency

iWebfolio gives faculty, students, and even employers or other third parties the power to define what it means to be competent. Students create reusable evidence of their competencies and can visually present that evidence to the people who need to see it, mapped to the appropriate competencies.

Learning portfolios

Enable rich reflection and feedback to support formative evaluations, while facilitating the collection of evidence for program improvement.

Assessment portfolios

Demonstrate competencies in support of summative evaluations.

Presentation portfolios

Showcase achievement for a variety of academic and professional purposes, including employment, internships, and graduate school applications.

Multi-purpose templates

Develop and manage your own template collections that are accessible exclusively to your users. Templates can give users varying degrees of creative control. Faculty can make reviews more consistent by using templates and rubrics, or they can allow users to create entire portfolios of their own design.

Shared templates & measures library

The Shared Templates and Measures Library (STML) is a cooperative repository of content that encourages sharing of best practices among iWebfolio institutions. In addition, AAC&U’s VALUE Rubrics are available and may be modified to meet institutional needs.