Nuventive TracDat

Execute data-informed planning and outcomes assessment across your campus

logo-tracdatTracDat® is a flexible software system that helps institutions align planning initiatives, review and reflect on academic and non-academic outcomes, and take action to improve performance. TracDat supports data-informed strategic planning, program review, accreditation, and managing academic and administrative outcomes.

Easy to use

An intuitive web-based interface makes it easier to get faculty and staff involved in planning and assessment. Assign tasks via email and collect data and findings from infrequent contributors without requiring them to access or log into the system.

TracDat Benefits:

  • Make better use of data in strategic planning, assessment, and program review
  • Establish planning as a living process
  • Easily document your action plans and ongoing improvement
  • Increase faculty and staff engagement and save time
  • Extend your system beyond the traditional uses of assessment software

Supports academic and non-academic outcomes

Because TracDat doesn’t force you to conform to rigid measurement systems or workflows, you can support a wide variety of processes that can benefit from data-driven change – from academic outcomes to operational performance improvements to implementing green standards.

Flexible alignment

Map goals and outcomes to your strategic plan. Summarize performance from multiple departments by linking program results to your institution’s strategic objectives.

Configurable structure and naming conventions

Use your existing processes and the terminology of your assessment culture.

Documentation of continuous improvement

Easily access evidence of improvement, including outcomes and qualitative documentation.

Real-time reporting

Access and present evidence of achievement using more than 30 standard reports plus a powerful ad hoc reporting tool. Build your own custom reports to address your unique assessment and accreditation needs, or let Nuventive services do the work for you.

Assessment status dashboard

Stay on top of time-critical initiatives so you can avoid last-minute chaos.

Curriculum mapping

Link your curricula to desired learning outcomes.

Low-maintenance operations

Accelerate your implementation and ease the load on your IT team by storing your TracDat plans and data at Nuventive’s secure data center. Or, deploy TracDat on your own campus.