iWebfolio Services

Quickly get up and running with iWebfolio

iWebfolio Services Benefits:

  • Quickly deploy iWebfolio and train your team
  • Roll out electronic portfolios for your specific area of focus
  • Increase your readiness for future expansion

This iWebfolio Quick Start service engagement focuses on teaching a small group of users how to use iWebfolio in a single area of focus. Upon completion of this engagement, you can proceed on your own to roll out iWebfolio to other areas, or enter into a follow-on engagement with Nuventive to facilitate/guide the roll out.

Engagement Planning

Engagement planning sets the foundation for a successful iWebfolio implementation by clearly articulating the scope, timeline, and participants.

Implementation/ Training

Then, our consultants focus on setting up the iWebfolio system and training the core customer team. Activities include system setup, administrator training, template/ measure building, and a system dry run.


The Nuventive consultant will facilitate a meeting with the customer’s core implementation team to review progress to date and walk the team through any remaining steps required to complete deployment. At this point, the team may also discuss follow-on engagements. We also conduct a post-deployment follow-up call approximately one month after the go-live date.