Improvement in Action

Nuventive provides solutions for students, faculty, and staff to assess, communicate, and improve personal and institutional performance.

billboard-thumb-performance-managementPerformance management

Nuventive performance management solutions offer a new way to establish a culture of performance, through which institutions can use data to achieve their goals and aspirations in a challenging environment and bring transparency to their performance improvement efforts.  Learn more »

billboard-thumb-planning-assessmentPlanning & Assessment

Nuventive planning & outcomes assessment solutions help institutions align planning initiatives and manage academic and non-academic outcomes with consistency and structure, so that they can systematically improve their effectiveness. Learn more »

billboard-thumb-accreditation-supportAccreditation support

Nuventive accreditation support solutions help faculty and staff to collaborate more effectively on accreditation compliance, efficiently collect the right information, foster continuous improvement, and present evidence in a consistent, repeatable way.  Learn more »

billboard-thumb-program-reviewProgram review

Nuventive program review solutions offer flexible structure for collecting program review data, analyzing results, aligning plans to institutional goals, requesting required resources, and taking action to improve student learning outcomes.  Learn more »

billboard-thumb-student-successStudent Success

Nuventive student success solutions give students a way to reflect on achievement and present competencies for evaluation. In addition, we give you an efficient way to collect evidence showing how you meet program outcomes at an institutional level.  Learn more »