Nuventive Program Review Solutions

program-reviewCreate an environment for data-informed quality improvement

The most effective program reviews are ongoing processes that encourage thoughtful reflection, align planning to institutional goals, and foster school-wide commitment to continuous improvement. Too often, program reviews become periodic data collection exercises with inadequate time spent on analysis and little cross-program communication. In these situations, faculty and staff may feel that their program review efforts are not actually moving the needle for their institutions.

Nuventive program review solutions create a flexible structure through which faculty and staff can collect program review data, analyze results, align their plans to institutional goals, request required resources, and take action to improve student learning outcomes.

The Nuventive approach:

  • Connects program review, strategic planning, and student learning outcomes assessment into a single process
  • Ties analysis to action, bringing structure to the full lifecycle of planning, measuring, analyzing, acting, and re-measuring
  • Adds continuity by presenting each program review with the context of past actions and associated data
  • Supports a wide variety of academic and non-academic outcomes, so that administrative functions can conduct program reviews in the same way that academic programs do
  • Puts all of your program review data and associated documentation in a single location, campus-wide – and simplifies presentation to institutional stakeholders

Nuventive program review solutions

  • TracDat® is a flexible software system for aligning planning, reviewing and analyzing outcomes, and organizing action to improve your program’s student learning outcomes
  • PlanningPointTM offers all of the capabilities of TracDat integrated with Microsoft® SharePoint®2013 or Office 365
  • ActionPointTM operates in conjunction with PlanningPoint to tie visual data views directly into your program review processes using Microsoft SharePoint 2013 or Office 365
  • Insight organizes the presentation of learning outcomes and other program review documentation in a web-based interface
  • Implementation services align your deployment to your own program review goals