Nuventive Planning & Assessment Solutions

Increase stakeholder engagement and foster continuous improvement

Strategic planning and outcomes assessment are high-stakes activities with potentially huge financial ramifications for higher education institutions. Driving participation and engagement among faculty and staff can be a big challenge, and documenting the evidence that their actions led to continuous improvement is an even bigger one. But even more importantly, institutions want to know that they are achieving their mission and goals.

Nuventive planning & outcomes assessment solutions create consistency and structure to help institutions align planning initiatives, review and reflect on academic and non-academic outcomes, and take action to improve performance.

The Nuventive approach:

  • Is designed to make planning and outcomes assessment living processes rather than periodic administrative exercises
  • Connects analysis with action, bringing structure to the full lifecycle of planning, measuring, analyzing, acting, and re-measuring
  • Supports a wide variety of academic or non-academic outcomes, from strategic planning to learning outcomes to administrative outcomes
  • Reaches campus- and system-wide
  • Provides the foundation for extending your system beyond the traditional uses of assessment software into performance management

Nuventive planning & outcomes assessment solutions

  • TracDat® is a flexible software system for aligning planning, reviewing and reflecting on outcomes, and organizing action to improve performance
  • PlanningPointTM offers all of the capabilities of TracDat integrated with Microsoft® SharePoint®2013 or Office 365
  • ActionPoint™ operates in conjunction with PlanningPoint to tie visual data views directly into your strategic planning and outcomes assessment processes using Microsoft SharePoint 2013 or Office 365
  • TracDat Implementation Services aid you in deploying TracDat to meet your own planning and assessment goals