Nuventive Student Success Solutions

Happy Students PhotoDocument your evidence of achievement and continuous improvement

How do you know that your students are successful? While the data in your ERP system—enrollment metrics, graduation rates, and the like—provide important indicators, you often need to look at the achievements and reflections of students themselves to get a full picture of student success.

Nuventive student success solutions enable traditional and non-traditional college and university students, students involved in prior learning assessment, and individuals seeking employment to reflect on lifelong achievement and present competencies for evaluation. In addition, we make it easier for institutions to collect the evidence that shows that you are meeting program outcomes.

The Nuventive approach:

  • Gives students a powerful way to improve their learning and present their accomplishments to faculty, staff, employers, and other third parties
  • Offers the flexibility needed to consistently evaluate student success institution-wide, not just in a single program or department
  • Captures evidence of student improvement on an ongoing basis, not just when reports are due

Nuventive student success solutions

  • TracDat® offers a longitudinal view of student success at an institution, enabling you to review and reflect on outcomes and drive continuous improvement
  • PlanningPointTM offers all of the capabilities of TracDat integrated with Microsoft® SharePoint®2013 or Office 365
  • iWebfolio is an e-portfolio that has the technical infrastructure to accommodate rapid adoption and the flexible configuration to support portfolios for a variety of purposes.