Nuventive Performance Suite

Unite performance data with the context of your institutional plan


nuventive-logoNuventive Performance Suite is a flexible software system for linking measurement to strategic objectives, reflecting on those measurements, and taking action to improve performance.
Nuventive Performance Suite is the first software solution to tightly connect a technology for capturing data and metrics with action-oriented planning. By providing relevant performance data side-by-side with planning and outcomes assessment, it’s easier than ever for faculty and staff to engage in the planning process and to make the data-informed decisions that will improve your institution’s achievement and competitiveness.

Nuventive Performance Suite Benefits:

  • Improve achievement and competitiveness
  • Exceed internal and external stakeholders’ expectations for data transparency and data-informed decision making
  • Increase faculty and staff engagement
  • Deploy a single system for performance management and planning and assessment

Apply data-informed change to any type of process

Nuventive Performance Suite supports a wide variety of processes that can benefit from data-informed change. Stakeholders can take advantage of deep capabilities of Nuventive’s leading planning and outcomes assessment software, TracDat.

Make relevant data accessible to all stakeholders

Nuventive Performance Suite integrates Nuventive TracDat® with Microsoft® SharePoint®2013 or Office 365, via Nuventive PlanningPointTM and Nuventive ActionPointTM. This integration delivers convenient access to relevant enterprise data within the context of strategic planning and outcomes assessment and facilitates campus-wide engagement and collaboration. Nuventive Performance Suite can even consume data from standalone, departmental assessment solutions and render that data in a performance management context.

Increase faculty and staff collaboration

Nuventive Performance Suite provides a wealth of opportunities for faculty and staff to work together on performance improvements. They even have embedded collaboration tools to make them more productive as they work on plans.

Extend beyond the traditional uses of planning and assessment software

Institutional performance management requires that faculty and staff across campuses and systems adopt a new approach to planning and assessment. Nuventive Performance Suite helps your institution move into performance management by:

  • Increasing the ease of data access during planning and assessment
  • Lowering the barriers to using data to inform change
  • Visually marrying data and planning for faculty, staff, and administrators –  campus-wide