Nuventive Performance Management Solutions

performance-managementImprove institutional achievement and competitiveness

There has never been a more critical time to establish a culture of performance. Today’s higher education institutions are striving to achieve their goals and aspirations in the face of tight resource constraints and rising expectations, while responding to rapidly increasing external demands for accountability and transparency.

Nuventive performance management solutions offer an entirely new way to establish a culture of performance. Our solutions are the first to tightly connect a technology for capturing data and metrics with action-oriented planning and strategic consulting services.

The Nuventive approach:

  • Treats performance management as a living process rather than an annual administrative exercise
  • Builds an internal competency for performance management that can outlast individual performance improvement initiatives
  • Connects business intelligence with action, bringing structure to the full lifecycle of planning, measuring, analyzing, acting, and re-measuring
  • Supports a wide variety of processes that can benefit from data-informed change, from academic outcomes to operational performance improvements to implementing sustainability plans
  • Extends campus- and system-wide

Nuventive performance management solutions

  • Nuventive Performance Suite is a flexible software system for linking measurement to strategic objectives, reflecting on those measurements, and taking action to improve performance.
  • Whether your objectives are influenced by external accountability requirements or are purely aspirational, Ellucian PerformTM brings together all of your data and business intelligence in a single place where people throughout your institution can take effective, coordinated action toward your key goals.
  • Fully integrated Performance Consulting Services include both technical services and strategic services, delivered by higher education thought leaders.